Chiara and Beppe | Wedding in Tuscany

When Beppe asked me if I was available to take photos at his and Chiara’s wedding I had mixed emotions: on one hand I was incredibly happy and honoured, on the other had I felt pressure pushing down on me (and if you deny starting to sing this song you are lying!). Why I felt under pressure? Well because Beppe is one of the two minds behind the wonderful photo project What Italy Is and taking photos of another photographer, especially on the occasion of one of the most important moments of his life, is never easy. This is the result of the pictures taken during that hot and unforgettable day at the end of June in Tuscany, started with the preparation of the bride and the groom in two different houses and followed up by the ceremony and reception at the Convento dell’Incontro, a Franciscan convent on a hill looking upon Florence.

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