Hello, I'm Eleonora

And I’m a eco-ethical photographer specialised in small weddings and elopements based in Italy

What can I do to minimise my impact on the planet? Is there anything I can do to make this society more fair and equal for all living beings?
These are the questions that I ask myself everyday and that encourages me to do my best to live in a way that reflects my main values: sustainability and equality. But with all that’s being going on in the world – climate change, deforestation, air and water pollution – I came to the conclusion that just acting in my personal life was not enough. So I rolled up my sleeves and started to think how I can reduce my environmental impact as a photographer who works mainly in the wedding industry. I’m still trying to improve but here are the first ethical and sustainable practices I’ve adopted as a photographer:

second-hand gear: most of my equipment – camera bodies, lenses, accessories and computer – was bought second-hand or was refurbished. Even if they are not brand new, they still function perfectly and I make sure they continue to be with a yearly check-up. Considering the environmental and climate costs of technology, opting for second-hand gear it’s the most environmentally-friendly choice.

photo albums for trees: for every photo album I print, I plant a tree for my clients through Treedom. Let’s remember that trees absorb carbon dioxide, protect biodiversity, contrast soil erosion and desertification.

zero carbon website: every click made, every video watched, every photo uploaded, every email sent produces emissions. That’s why I’ve decided to offset my website’s carbon footprint through CO2web, a project by Rete Clima that helps me “clean” this website by giving back to nature.

marriage equality: I am ally for LGBTQIA+ people and I believe that marrying the person we love, regardless of gender, orientation, race, body size and ability, should be a human right. That’s why I prefer to work with clients and vendors who also share these values and support marriage equality.

Let's connect

If you are planning an intimate wedding for a few people or an elopement or you simply want a few pictures of your family, get in touch with me by filling this form. I’m looking forward to photographed like-minded people who share my love for the environment and all people.
If you want to see what my photography style is, take a look at my latest works below.